About us

The Polish Migration Forum Foundation has been supporting refugees and migrants in Poland since 2007, perceiving migration as a natural element of reality. We strive to respect the rights of people with migration experience and we strive to make Poland a country where people of different religions and cultures live in harmony and respect. To this end, we conduct different activities. We help migrants find themselves in a new reality, and help Poles build communities together with migrants, where everyone feels welcome and safe.

One of our projects is the School of Diversity platform, which was created in cooperation with the International Rescue Committee. On this platform, we offer a free online course for intercultural assistants. This course aims to raise awareness of the need to employ assistants in schools and ensures high quality of the acquired knowledge. After completing the course, participants receive a certificate confirming their competence.

As part of the course, various issues are discussed, such as good practices in the work of assistants and in cooperation with schools, the education system in Poland from the perspective of intercultural assistants, support for the education of foreign students, integration of students with the experience of migration at school, and many others . All this so that intercultural assistants can effectively support children, youth and adults affected by the effects of migration.

We estimate that the online course for intercultural assistants takes about 15-20 hours for participants. The course can be spread over a convenient number of days. Each of the 12 thematic modules includes a recording lasting between 30-55 minutes, a set of exercises, optional additional materials and a quiz. You don't have to read the whole module at once and you can always go back to the ones you've already passed.

To ensure the greatest possible flexibility and convenience for our participants. We offer a course in Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian, which means that you will be able to use teaching materials, video lessons and exercises in the language that is closest to you.

Through these activities, we try to create a society where diversity is accepted and appreciated, and all people, regardless of nationality, language of communication, religion or other factors, have equal opportunities and feel safe.

The team

Below we present the team working to provide you with the highest quality materials and the most accessible smile

  • Material preparation and production: Anna Maciejko and Blanka Zantara
  • Audio and video realization: Hanna Linkowska
  • Graphics: Karolina Kotowska
  • Proof-reading: Tetyana Nersvirska, Rita Rabinek, Maryna Fedoriuk, Yuliia Kaminska, Weronika Regosz, Inna Padshakh, Ewa Winiarczyk
  • Platform and course implementation: Przemysław Stencel
  • Presenters: Agnieszka Kosowicz, Agnieszka Kozakoszczak, Anna Maciejko, Dorota Marciniak, Ewa Pawlic, Ewa Rutkowska, Jan Dąbkowski, Katarzyna Sawko, Larysa Vychivska, Marta Piegat-Kaczmarczyk, Zuzanna Rejmer

The platform and course were created in partnership with the International Rescue Committee as part of the project “Education and protection of children, youth and adults affected by the consequences of war in Ukraine“.

The course is under the patronage of the Coalition for strengthening the role of intercultural and Roma assistants, as well as the Institute of Social Prevention and Resocialization of the University of Warsaw.

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